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CSZ electromagnetic actuated clutches from Miki Pulley

Aug 31, 2023

By Mike Santora | August 30, 2023

Conveying parcel delivery with no system downtime is accomplished with speed and accuracy using Miki Pulley CSZ Clutches. Conveyors continuously operate via servo motor power by way of a V-belt. The system automatically switches on/off as programmed when engaged by the CSZ Clutches.

These high-performance clutches function utilizing electro-magnetic force generated by an energized coil which provides physical engagement of input and output members of the clutch. They provide an efficient connection between system motor and load with low inertia, minimal drag, and zero backlash.

The CSZ model electromagnetic actuated clutch is durable, versatile, and available with three different armature options. The simple design of the CSZ clutch consists of clutch stator, rotor, and armature assembly. It offers excellent torque transmission characteristics with unmatched durability.

Miki Pulley CSZ Clutches feature an integrated bearing design making mounting fast and easy while ensuring application concentricity and excellent system runout. The clutch is designed as a single unitized assembled part, with pre-set factory air gap. Also important, CSZ Clutches operate well in temperatures from +14° to +104° (-10° to +40°C).

Available in bores ranging from 10mm to 15mm, with brake torques ranging from 1.77 ft. lbs. to 7.376 ft. lbs. (2.4 Nm – 10 Nm). The CSZ utilizes corrosion-resistant materials and is RoHS-compliant like all other Miki products.

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